FAME Rehearsal Schedule!


Rehearsal Reminders:

* Please be in the auditorium, ready to work at 2pm on days that you are called.

*3 Hole Punched scripts need to go in a binder! Be sure you have your script at every rehearsal, and that you take it with you at the end of rehearsal- scripts that are left behind are often recycled, and we do not have extras. 

*If you are staying after with a teacher to make up work/take a test or quiz on a day that you have rehearsal, please be sure to get a pass from that teacher to give to either Mr. McCrossan or one of the stage managers (Diwakar, Jake, Chiara)

*If you know that you will not be able to make a rehearsal, you must let us know at least 2 hours before that rehearsal either in person, or with a note or e-mail from home. 

*Two unexcused absences from rehearsal will result in your dismissal from the show. 

*Click HERE to see more information on rehearsals. 

Rehearsal Schedule:

We will post the schedule for the next 2 weeks here every 2 weeks, so that you can plan accordingly. 

UPDATED 10/12! 

Date Who Has Rehearsal:
Monday, 10/16 Full Cast
Tuesday, 10/17 Carmen, Schlomo, Mr. Myers,
Mr. Sheinkopf, Ms. Bell
Wednesday, 10/18 Full Cast except teachers
Thursday 10/19 Full Cast except teachers
Date: Who Has Rehearsal:
Monday 10/23 Full Cast
Tuesday, 10/24 Nick, Serena, Joe, Mr. Myers, Carmen, Schlomo,
Wednesday, 10/25 NO REHEARSAL
Thursday, 10/26 Marco, Carmen, Iris, Dance Students