SHREK Crew Information

Thank you for your interest in signing up for crew for SHREK, Jr.! 

Here is where you will find a run down of the different crew positions available. 

Please read through all position descriptions, then let us know which three positions interest you most through the Google Form (follow the link at the bottom of the page)

Please make sure that you are available for the following MANDATORY tech rehearsal days and all three performances: 

Mandatory tech week:

January 4th for select tech crew only 2:00-5:30 SATURDAY, January 5th TBD for crew and cast: 9am-5pm January 7th 2:00 - 6:00 January 8th 2:00 - 6:00 January 9th 2:00 - 6:00

  Please do not sign up for a crew position if you cannot attend these rehearsals.


Thursday January 10th

Friday January 11th

Saturday January 12th

You must be in attendance for ALL THREE performances.

We will hold Crew group interviews on Wednesday, October 17th in room 105 from 2pm-3pm. Any student who signs up for a crew position must attend. 

QMS Drama


Summary of Available Crew Positions

Assistant Stage Managers: Two 7th grade students

ASM’s work closely with the Stage Managers during the rehearsal process in one of two areas: either working backstage to coordinate set changes and other facets of the production, or working in the back of house, learning how to call, cue, and run the show. Both positions require dedication, focus and hard work, and are picked by Mr. McCrossan and Mrs. Strunin by interview only. Oftentimes, ASM’s become Stage Managers in their 8th grade years.

Light Design/Light Software Interns: Open to 7th and 8th grade students only

Working closely with our lighting mentors and Mrs. Strunin, interns will learn how to manipulate and use the lighting program on our MacBook, will help hang rented lights the week before the show, and will assist in the design, setting and running of all light cues during all tech rehearsals and performances. This is a big job- focus and ability to work under pressure are a must!

Spot Light Operators: Open to students in any grade

Spotlight operators work with the light design team during rehearsals and then operate the spotlights during tech rehearsals and performances. A steady hand is appreciated with this job!

Sound Intern: Open to students in any grade

The Sound Intern will work closely with our professional Sound Designer to learn about the process of “MIC’ing” for a production, troubleshooting microphone and/or speaker issues, and running any sound effects/music effects through QLab.

Fly Operators: Open to 7th and 8th grade students only

Fly Operators are in charge and responsible for the safe, timely, and correct flying of any set pieces/backdrops that may be attached to a rail. The fly operators will train extensively with Mr. McCrossan and our stage managers to ensure the safety of our set pieces, actors and other crew members. Fly Operators will also act as stage crew when needed.

Stage Crew (Movers and Pushers): Open to students in any grade

Stage crew members work backstage to make sure that set pieces, props, and actors are where they need to be any time throughout the production. Stage crew members may be on stage at some point, moving set pieces to their proper spikes, and ensuring the safety of all.

Costume Coordinator:  Open to 7th and 8th grade students only

The costume coordinator will work closely with our costume designer Mrs. Dennis, as well as Mr. McCrossan, Mrs. Strunin, and any volunteer parents who will be working with costumes. Our costumes are generally rented and/or provided by outside sources, so the costume coordinator will be in charge of assigning, labeling, keeping track of, storing, and organizing all costumes during tech rehearsals and runs of the show.  We will also have a week of rehearsals dedicated to costume issues. During that week, the costume coordinator will make sure everyone has the proper costumes. The costume coordinator is also in charge of clean up in the cafeteria after tech rehearsals and performances.

Costume Crew: Open to students in any grade

Students on the costume crew will work with the costume coordinator to assign, label, store, and organize all costumes and costume pieces. Because we use the cafeteria as our “backstage,” the costume crew is also responsible for cleaning and packing up the cafeteria after all rehearsals and productions.

Props Coordinator: Open to students in the 7th or 8th grade

The Props Coordinator is in charge of working with our adult prop designers to make sure any and all props that the actors will use in the show are where they need to be. In rehearsals, the Props Coordinator is also in charge of making a props list, letting Mr. McCrossan or Mrs. Strunin know what props still need to be procured, labeling and storing all props, creating a props table backstage for shows, and occasionally building props from scratch.

Props Crew: Open to students in any grade

The props crew works with the Props Coordinator to make sure that all props are listed, labeled, and where they need to be at all times. During tech rehearsals and performances, Props Crew works backstage to make sure all props are where they need to be during the whole show. After rehearsals and tech rehearsals, Props Crew members take inventory of all props, and then make sure they are properly stored until they are needed again. Props crew will also assist the costume crew in cleaning up the cafeteria after tech rehearsals and performances.

To sign up, please follow the link and fill out the form: