Guys and Dolls Jr!

QMS Drama Proudly Presents: G&D

Detailed Rehearsal Schedules Can be found HERE! Updated to include rehearsals up to April Vacation!! Congratulations to our Crew!

Sophia Capolupo 7th Grade SM
Melissa Loftus costumes
Bailey Lancaster costumes
Savannah Carey Costumes
Anastasia Higuera Fly Op
Matthew Breitenstein Fly Op
Chloe Gerdeman 6th Grade SM
Jordan Donovan lights
Samantha Cannon lights
Priscilla Ward props
Jade Galloway props
Joe McIntyre pusher Mover
Will Ruse pusher Mover
Chris Holts pusher Mover
Lily Danehy SM
Joselyn Saba SM
Sam Weber spot light
Sam Rieth Spot light

Crew rehearsal schedules will be made available soon!

Important Dates:

Tech Week:

Monday, May 6th - Thursday, May 9th


May 10th and 11th, 7pm

QMS Auditorium