Audition & Rehearsal FAQ's

Here are some frequently asked questions answered!

Q: I’m a sixth grader.  I heard that sixth graders don’t get any parts.  Is that true?

A: Not true!  Sixth graders have the same chance at getting a lead as an eighth grader does.  Parts are assigned to the student who has the best audition.  So blow us away at auditions and be amazing!! 

Q: When are rehearsals held?

A: Rehearsal schedules are made available right after auditions and call backs are held. We generally try to rehearse 3 to 4 days a week, from 2-4pm. Not all students will be called to every rehearsal. 

Q: I need to take the late bus! What do I do?

A: Because we have so much material to cover in a short amount of time, the late bus cannot be your sole means of transportation home, as rehearsals do run until 4:00. If an emergency arises and you do need to take the late bus home, please inform us ASAP. 

Q: Where can I find schedule information?

A: 1) On the drama board at school in the main lobby
2) Here on the website!
3) Cast and crew can access the schedule on the Google Classroom wall for the show we are working on
4) Daily rehearsal reminders are updated and  posted on the display screens in the main lobby at QMS.

Q: What is the absence policy for rehearsals? What do I do if I have to miss a rehearsal?

A: 2 Unexcused absences will result in your dismissal from the show. An unexcused absence is one that we haven't been informed of at least 2 hours before rehearsal begins. 

Acceptable ways to let us know if you will be missing a rehearsal, which will be excused:
1) A note from home the day of rehearsal or before
2) An e-mail from home the day of rehearsal or before
3) If you become ill during the school day or an emergency arises
4) Religious Holidays and obligations are ALWAYS excused absences! 

Unacceptable ways to let us know if you will be missing a rehearsal, which will be considered unexcused:
1) Having another student tell us you will not be at rehearsal.
2) Coming late to rehearsal without a pass from another teacher
3) Not showing up at all
4) Telling us that you are taking the late bus/being picked up right before you leave.

Q: Can I miss, come late, or leave a TECH WEEK rehearsal early?

A: NO. NO. NO. NO! 

Q: I don’t want to be on stage, but I want to be involved.  What can I do?

A: There are so many things that make a show work.  You can participate in crew.  We need students to be a part of the following crews: backstage, props, costumes, lights, sound, along with tickets and ushering for the performances.  Orchestra is usually for the high school students only.


A: Unfortunately the answer to this is no. 

Q: I do after school activities with band/orchestra/student council, or another group.  I want to participate in theatre too!!

A: GREAT!  The teachers in the building love that you want to be involved, and we all work together so that everybody can do as much as possible without burning out!  Ms. Erban, Mrs. Pep, Ms. Clifford, or any other advisor may sometimes require you to be at their rehearsals/meetings first and sometimes we may require you to be at theater rehearsals first. Just communicate what your needs are, and get a pass from the advisor to then come to rehearsal! 

Q: I auditioned, got a part, but i no longer wish to participate.  will this affect my chances of getting a part in a future production?

A:  If the cast list goes up and you decide that you no longer wish to be in the show, and you let Mrs. Strunin or Mr. McCrossan know either in person or via email before the first rehearsal, we will look on that as the mature, responsible and correct way to handle the situation.  Sometimes students get very excited and want to participate in everything that is available after school, but you may find yourself overwhelmed with balancing activities and your studies.  We completely understand that.  By telling us and being honest, it shows us that you are being responsible, and leaves a very positive mark in our books.

However, if you commit and miss two rehearsals with no notes from home, we will have to meet with you to figure out what happened and then we will dismiss you from the production.  Doing this shows us that you are not dependable and will jeopardize your chances with future QMS Drama activities. 

Honesty and being upfront sooner rather than later is key!

Q: I have to stay after school for extra help or detention.  What do i do?

A: Go to your other commitment first and when you are finished, get a pass from the teacher you were with and then report to rehearsal. This does NOT apply to tech week: you MUST be at all tech week rehearsals the whole time! 


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