SHREK Cast & Crew Rehearsal Calendar

Final Rehearsal Schedule!

We’re coming into crunch time here in Duloc, and we are so excited to see all of the work that our cast members have been doing outside of rehearsal to ensure that they are ready to rock it!

Please find the final rehearsal schedule below. Of note:

  1. Rehearsals will begin at 2:20 so that students can stay on team to get any extra help or to make up any work. Remaining in good academic standing is a top priority for all involved in SHREK. For those students who do not need to stay on team, Mr. McCrossan and Mrs. Strunin will be in the auditorium beginning at 2pm, so students can head there and work on show material or other homework until 2:20

  2. Rehearsals on Friday, January 4th and Saturday, January 5th will focus on tech aspects of the show. We will announce the names of cast/crew needed at these rehearsals before winter break.

  3. Tech week rehearsals are MANDATORY for the ENTIRE rehearsal. No late bus, no leaving early or coming in late. We are putting a LOT of pieces of the puzzle together at that time, and we need to make sure everyone is present and aware of what’s going on!

  4. Attendance has not been an issue for the majority of the cast, and we are so grateful for that! Thank you!

Date Time Who's Called?
11/26 2:20pm-4pm Full Cast
11/28 2:20pm-4pm Full Cast
12/3 2:20pm-4pm Full Cast & Costume Crew
12/5 2:20pm-4pm Full Cast & Costume Crew
12/6 2:20pm-4pm Full Cast & Costume Crew
12/10 2:20pm-4pm Woodland Creatures, Fiona, Pied Piper, Tap Rats, Costume Crew
12/12 2:20pm-4pm Full Cast
12/13 2:20pm-4pm Full Cast
12/17 2:20pm-4pm Full Cast
12/19 2:20pm-4pm Full Cast
12/20 2:20pm-4pm Full Cast & Crew
Winter Break!!
1/2 2:20pm-4pm Full Cast & Crew
1/3 2:20pm-4pm Full Cast & Crew
Friday 1/4 2pm-4:30pm Select Crew/Crew Heads
Saturday, 1/5 9am-1pm Select Cast/Crew Heads
Monday, 1/7 2:20pm-6pm Full Cast & Crew
Tuesday 1/8 2:20pm-6pm Full Cast & Crew
Wednesday 1/9/19 2:20pm-6pm Full Cast & Crew